HARMONY CHAPEL Dubach Louisiana

Dubach, LA

Date Founded: 1849  

    The church was founded on the Claiborne/Lincoln Parish line in 1849. A group asked Mr. Donelson Day if they could build a log structure in which to hold services. Mr. Day donated the land (three acres) to the church on April 10, 1858. It was named Harmony after the spirit of harmony among the members. As the church grew, a second larger church was built of sawed lumber in 1861. A church cemetery was added on the west side of the church in 1893. Services were often held on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
    In the late 1800s, larger church with a bell tower was constructed. About that time Rev. J.B. Williams was licensed to preach from the church. In 1893, part of the land on the west side of the church was marked off as a cemetery.  
    The current church was built around 1935 under the leadership of Rev. W.F. Roberts. Instead of an attached bell tower, the bell was placed on a steel tower in the yard.  
    A parsonage was built in 1956. The first occupant was Rev. Terral T. Lowe. A fellowship hall was built while Rev. Eddie Morgan, Jr. was the pastor. The dedication service for the new fellowship hall was led by Bishop Aubrey Walton in May 1964.