BASTROP, FIRST Bastrop Louisiana

Bastrop, LA

Date Founded: 1826

    Methodist preaching in the Bastrop area began in the early 1800s. The earliest record of a Methodist church in Bastrop dates back to 1826, when Rev. John G. Jones served the Washita Circuit. The first church on North Washington Street was made of logs.  
     In 1855, the congregation built a new frame church on the corner of South Washington and West Hickory Streets under the leadership of Rev. George W. Evans. The Annual Conference was held at the new facilities later that year.  
     Rev. John T. Sawyer led the church in the construction of its first brick church in 1884.  
     In 1897, all of the previous church records were destroyed in a fire.
     The present church was built in 1924 under the leadership of Rev. G.A. Morgan. The pipe organ and stained glass windows were installed in 1928. An education annex was begun in June 1948 under the leadership of Rev. Jolly B. Harper and completed soon after under the leadership of Rev. Jack H. Midyett.
     An education building was constructed in 1964 under the leadership of Rev. Robert L. Peyton. Rev. William Peeples led the church in 1984 when an activities building was built. The church was approved as a United Methodist Historical site by the Louisiana Conference in 1997.