OBERLIN Oberlin Louisiana

Oberlin, LA

Date Founded: 1888

     When Charles Haines’ family moved to the area from Iowa in 1888, they and other families wanted to start a Methodist church and Sunday School. Services began in the area when Rev. C.A. King, pastor of the Simpson Methodist Church in Lake Charles, came by to hold services once a month for the eight charter members.
    After a revival by Rev. Bennett in the early 1900s, more people joined the group. After the revival, Rev. Paul Leeds … a missionary to the Coushatta Indians … often came by to hold services. In those days the gatherings were a combination of Methodists and Baptists, so it was a union congregation. At some point in the early 1900s, the congregations had grown and the Baptists separated to form their own congregation.
    Under the leadership of Rev. George Purcell, a new church building was constructed in 1927-28.    A parsonage was not acquired until 1949. In 1958, a fellowship hall was added under the leadership of Rev. J.C. Skinner. In 1971, the church facilities were remodeled.  
Source: Oberlin Methodist Church, Maude Cranford Musselwhite