JACKSON CHAPEL Zachary Louisiana

Zachary, LA

Date Founded: 1907

     The Jackson Chapel church has its beginnings in the Albert Chapel Methodist Church. Jackson Chapel "began" in June, 1907, under the leadership of Rev. F.D. Thomas. It was named after Ike Jackson. A group of trustees was appointed to lead the church; they were: Hampt Johnson, Ike Jackson, Lewis Pernell, Prime Williams, John T. Harrell, Lewis Moore, Jim Margon, Adderson Knighten, Sr., and Caleb Cathern. As time passed, they were replaced by other members who carried on the work of the church.  
     "These few faithful members of the Jackson Chapel United Methodist Church, although small in number, are doing their very best to push the little church forward to the mark of a high calling, which is in Jesus Christ our Lord, and Savior."