GREENSBURG Greensburg Louisiana

Greensburg, LA

Date Founded: 1830s

     By 1837, Greensburg was organized into a district of 3 circuits. William Venerable was appointed minister to the Greensburg circuit. It was said that he could pray the shingles off a house if he so desired.  
     In the 1860's, the local schools were in bad shaped. The church was used as for these academies as well as a church for a while. This assistance to education by Methodists would continue. By 1880, the Norvialla Academy was offering (to all denominations) offered an education equal to a college education. Johnson Academy for Methodists was organized in 1890.  
     In 1878, a proper deed for the church property was legalized. The original name for the Greensburg circuit was Kendrick's Chapel. This was located near Bubba Dunn's Service Station.
     The present church was built in 1952.