BLUFF CREEK Clinton Louisiana

Clinton, LA

Date Founded: 1932

     The Bluff Creek United Methodist Church was organized in 1932 under Rev. J.B. Shearer, the Clinton pastor. During the summer, services were held under the tabernacle at the Bluff Creek Campground. During the winter, services were held in the auditorium at Bluff Creek High School.
     Eventually, the congregation decided to build a church. The Campground Committee gave the church 3 acres on the NE corner of the campground. The church was constructed in 1934-1935. Many people from the community, not just the Methodists, joined together on Saturday's to build it. Much of the construction material was donated by businesses in surrounding towns. The men did the building, while the ladies cooked the food.  
     In 1945, Bluff Creek and nearby Pipkin Chapel were put on a circuit. When the Pipkin Chapel closed (and its membership moved to Greensburg), Bluff Creek was added to the Slaughter charge.
     In 1986, tragedy struck and the church burned down. A new church was built in 1987 under the leadership of Rev. Ellen Montegudo.
SOURCE:   "A Brief History of Bluff Creek United Methodist Church" by Athalee Hartner and Polly Olson