BATON ROUGE, ST. MARK Baton Rouge Louisiana

Baton Rouge, LA

Date Founded:   1889

     In 1889, a Methodist preacher came to Baton Rouge and established a mission at a private home in Pete's Alley. As the congregation grew, they moved to North Blvd., and then to Lucy St. They small group incorporated as the St. Mark Methodist Episcopal Church 1889.  
     A wooden church was built in 1908, but was destroyed by a storm the following year. Towards the end of 1909, they began to rebuild the church under the leadership of Rev. John McKee.  
     The church continued to grow in size. Education became a priority of the church. It worked to help establish adequate schools for minorities. The church was even used as a school while a nearby school was being built.
     In 1952, the church at the corner of Convention and 14th Streets was remodeled under the leadership of Rev. John D. McCrory. When Rev. W.T. Handy, Jr. served as pastor, later in the 1950's, a parsonage was built.
     In May, 1989, the church relocated to its present location on Glen Oaks Dr. The pastor at that time was Rev. Kenneth M. Fisher. The church paid off its mortgage in 1995, under the leadership of Rev. James F. Haynes.
SOURCE:     History of St. Mark United Methodist Church