OAKDALE UMC Oakdale Louisiana

Oakdale, LA

Date Founded: 1905

    The church began with twelve charter members in 1905. The first services were held in the Masonic Hall on 8th Street. The circuit rider would hold services every 1st and 3rd Sundays. Music would be provided by a pump organ in the back of his wagon.
     By 1908 the membership had risen to 60 people. Needing a bigger place to gather, services moved to the Oak City Hotel on 10th St. A house located a block behind the hotel was rented for use as a parsonage. Sunday school classes were held there at first. When the Presbyterians built a church in 1909, they shared it with the Methodists. The Methodist congregation met there on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.  
     In 1914, the congregation bought a lot on the corner of 9th and Hudson Streets. Money was raised to build a new church and parsonage.  
     In the mid 1920s, land was purchased on the corner of 6th Avenue and 11th Street. A new parsonage was built at this time next to the church.
     In 1958, a lot on Pelican Highway was donated to the church. The parsonage was moved there. The church was moved over so that a new sanctuary could be built on the old site. After touring churches around the state, the congregation decided to build one similar to the DeQuincy Methodist Church. Construction began on April 9, 1958. The church was dedicated on October 19, 1960.  
     The old structure that had been moved to the side was torn down in 1967 so that a new education building could be built. It was dedicated on January 22, 1970.
     The parsonage was sold in 1972 and a new one was built on East 10th Avenue.
     The courtyard of the fellowship hall was developed into a memorial garden with a gift from the Erwin family.  
     The church paid off its debts and had a mortgage burning celebration on June 7, 1998.