JONESVILLE UMC Jonesville Louisiana

Jonesville, LA

Date Founded: 1848

     The first services in the Trinity area (so named because three rivers joined there) were probably held by circuit riders in the early 1800s. By 1839, Rev. George Turnley was appointed to the Trinity circuit.
     The first church was built by Mr. Stout and Mr. Lehman in 1848. It was a white, one-story, 30’x50’ wooden building on Graveyard Square, facing Black River. It had a belfry, a pump organ, and a wood stove. Contributions came from local residents. Ishmael Horrace was the church caretaker for many years.    
     The first full-time minister at Jonesville was Rev. Sam S. Holladay. He was the last preacher at the original church. The second wooden church was built in 1929-30.  It was T-shaped (with the classrooms to the rear) and faced the Indian Mound.  
      After much debate, the first parsonage was sold in the late 1950s, and a second parsonage was built on property donated by John and Lillie Muril Lanier.  
     After hurricane Lillie tore off the roof in 2002, funds were raised and it was repaired under the leadership of Rev. David C. Carlton.  
     The church ministries include an annual “Churchfest” and scouting.  
     The current brick church, facing Second Street, was built in stage atop the remains of the Indian Mound.