VACHERIE Vacherie Louisiana

Vacherie, LA

Date Founded: 1906

In 1906, the first Methodist church in Vacherie was constructed. Before that time, services were held in private homes and at the the Valcour Aime Mansion at St. James Plantation. The church of 59 charter members was served by pastors from the New Orleans area. By the mid 1920's, the Vacherie Methodist Church was put on the Donaldsonville charge. The Donaldsonville pastor would hold services at 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoons, two or three times per month. 
When the Thibodaux church was "re-established" in 1948, the Vacherie Methodist Church elected to be added to the Thibodaux charge. For a long time, services were held once a month. Recently, the service schedule has increased to twice monthly (on Saturday afternoons) and is still being served by a local pastor from Thibodaux.
Hurricanes have taken their toll on the Vacherie church through the years. After hurricanes destroyed the steeple and vestibule and knocking the church off its foundation, "Betsy" completely demolished the church in 1965. All that remained was one pew, the pulpit, and the altar railing. The church was rebuilt in 1967.