PATTERSON Patterson Louisiana

Patterson, LA

Date Founded: 1849

When Methodist circuit riders made their way through south Louisiana in the early 1800's, Pattersonville (as it was known then) was surely one of their stops. The church was founded in 1849. An 1860 document dealing with obtaining property for a parsonage shows that there was a Methodist church in the town at that time. It is known that a Protestant Union Church was built and later became the property of the Methodist Church.
In 1881, Mrs. Ann Hooper sold a piece of land to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Along with the donation of land from J.P. Muggah, this led to a fund raising effort towards a new church. The Theatre and Literary Society led by Mrs. Thompson began raising funds in 1885. By 1888, the church had been built. The first wedding (of Mr. & Mrs. William Folse) in the new church occurred on November 26, 1891. The church is made of red cypress wood set upon brick piers. A number of years after this, three rooms were added to the rear of the church to serve as Sunday School rooms.
In February of 1893, a Women's Parsonage and Home Mission Society was organized by Mrs. F.A. Lyons. The effort of the society led to the building of a parsonage next to the church. The parsonage burned down in 1927, taking with it valuable church records. The present parsonage at the corner of Catherine and Lee Streets was built in 1964.
Over the years, the Patterson church has been on a variety of circuits. Although it was a separate charge at one time, it was put on circuits with Morgan City and Berwick when those churches were formed. At times it has also been on the Franklin circuit. 
The educational building was built in 1954-55 under the leadership of Rev. Clayton Bennet. An office was added in 1967.