JEANERETTE, ST. PETER Jeanerette Louisiana

Jeanerette, LA

Date Founded: 1870

On October 12, 1870, property was purchased from Mrs. Carolie Larenoudie for $144. The first pastor was Rev. Addison Moore and services were held in an old log cabin. Rev. Moore and many of the early members were former slaves. In 1871, a wood frame church was built. This original church was destroyed in 1914 by a wind storm, so a new one was built under the direction of Rev. W.H. Hampton. During this time, the church was used as a school and as a meeting place for a Benevolent Society.
Disaster struck again in 1934 when another storm completely demolished the 1914 church. Utilizing a tent and nearby St. Paul Methodist Church, the St. Peter congregation continued to meet. Under the leadership of Rev. T.E. McElroy, a new wood frame church was constructed in 1935. During this era, two members ... King Alexander and Marshall Wesley ... were called into the ministry.
In the 1970's, the church was renovated inside and out. The front style was changed and the church was bricked. The present cornerstone is a replacement of the one from 1871-1935 that had been accidentally broken.
Source: St. Peter United Methodist Church - A Historical Sketch