BERWICK, FIRST Berwick Louisiana

Berwick, LA

Date Founded: 1875

In 1875, Rev. A.E. Clay was appointed to serve the Morgan City-Berwick communities. A Sunday School was organized in 1890 by Capt. John Pharr and Gunder Thorguson. It met in the old Eureka Hall. About 1895, the Berwick Methodists began holding worship services at the temporary facilities.    
The first Methodist Church in Berwick was built on Canton Street in 1898. It was built by a thankful John Pharr, whose sugar cane crop was spared. As part of a covenant with God, Capt. Pharr built the church. The following year, he sold the building and land to the church for $1.     
The first resident pastor, Rev. T.F. King, wasn't appointed until 1943. He also served the Patterson Church. In 1950, an educational building was built under the guidance of Mrs. Chloe Allen. The parsonage was built in 1957 at 3802 John St. In 1966, two acres of land on Gilmore St. were donated by Elizabeth Pharr, granddaughter of Capt. John Pharr. The present church was built at a cost of $136,000 on the property during the tenure of Rev. J.C. Wallace. The first services were held in 1968, and the note was paid off on October 30, 1977.