Church Transformation Process 2021

The Office of Congregational Development and Transformation is excited to offer a revised Transformation Process for churches in the Louisiana Conference who (pre-pandemic) have an average weekly worship attendance of 30-100 persons. 
The Church Transformation Process is a 1-year journey during which churches are guided to gain clarity and awareness of their current reality, faithfully assess a new direction, and then activate the next right steps toward a more fruitful and vibrant future. 
The Transformation Process consists of 3 Phases: 
Phase 1 – We begin with a season of Awareness (January - March):
  • The Pastor and elected leaders will participate in adaptive leadership and best practices training sessions to prepare themselves and the congregation 
  • Church leaders will gather specific self-study data about the church and its community, and our office will conduct a congregational survey to improve awareness of current realities
  • Suggested sermons and church-wide studies will be offered to prepare for desired change
Phase 2 - We will then help each church through a time of Assessment (April – May):
  • Interviews and focus-groups with key leaders and the Pastor and a congregational workshop will be conducted
  • There will be a review and assessment of all your Self-Study materials
  • Our office will help identify the gaps between where your church is and where you wish to go
Phase 3 – Is a time for Activation (May-January):
  • Our office will provide coaching, support, and accountability for the church as your church leaders develop a Ministry Action Plan (MAP) specific to your church and your community in this time. 
  • This MAP will guide your congregation to activate the next right steps toward greater vitality in each of the following areas of ministry: 
    GO (evangelism)  |  GATHER (worship)  |  GROW (discipleship)  |  GIVE (generosity)
  • An assigned coach will continue to walk alongside your congregation to provide support, resources, and accountability as you continue on this journey. 
This updated Process can now be offered in-person (when allowed), as a hybrid onsite/online model, or completely online - whatever best meet the needs of your church in this challenging time. 
We would welcome the opportunity to further discuss this Church Transformation Process opportunity with you and answer any questions you may have. Please contact our office at



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