Christian Education

Christian Education is the ministry of the church that focuses on the growth and development of disciples. The oversight of Christian education may be delegated to one person’s leadership, but it remains the responsibility of the entire church. There are those that will serve as leaders in Christian Education, while other will be the recipients of that teaching. 

Christian Education is for our youngest disciples, those we have baptized as infants and promised to provide them with leadership and examples to help them grow. Christian Education is for those in the process of preparing to confirm their baptism by learning about what it means to be a disciple. Christian Education is for our youth who need Christian mentors and adults to guide them through the challenges they face as they approach adulthood. Christian Education is for adults to provide them with the guidance necessary to be disciples that can not only serve as models for younger disciples, but to serve the entire church in making and forming future disciples. 

John Wesley called for Methodists to be intentional about furthering our discipleship. Christian Education is more than just Sunday School or a series of programs. Learning more about our faith deepens our relationship with Christ and strengthens us for the journey.


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