Charge Conference Forms

The 2020 Charge Conference forms are listed below.

Please look for communications from your district regarding specific forms, schedules, instructions and deadlines applicable to your district. Each District Office may request additional forms.

The forms below are designed so that you can fill in the data on the computer.

You WILL need to download the form to your computer then open with Adobe Acrobat Reader in order for the form to work properly.

Get the latest version of Adobe PDF Reader here.

You may also want to set Adobe Reader as your default application to open .pdf files.

Other applications will open the form however, you may not be able to fill in and/or save it.

A. Minutes for 2020 Individual Charges Form

B. Removal of Names from the Rolls of the Church

C. Ministers' Emergency Fund

D. 2021 Increments and Benefits

E. 2021 Compensation Form Instructions

F. 2021 Compensation Form

  • Benefits Calculator

G. Louisiana Conference Local Church Clergy Retirement Security Plan & UMPIP Plan Resolution

H. Louisiana Conference Health Care Benefit Resolution

I. Pastor's Report Form

J. This form will be sent directly to the applicable pastors

K. This form will be sent directly to the applicable pastors

L. Certified Lay Servant Annual Report Form Fillable

M. Lay Speaker Annual Report Form Fillable

N. Certified Lay Minister Annual Report Form Fillable

O. SPPR Committee form

P. Local Church Leadership On-Line Entry Instructions-2021

Q. Parsonage Inspection Check List

R. Youth Ministry Information Form 2019-2020 Fillable

S. Letter re Mandatory ACH payment method for Benefits billings on 1-1-2021

T. 2020 Congregational Profile

U. Clergy Assessment

V. Pastor, Staff Parish Consultation Form​

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