​March 23rd Meeting

Below, you will find links to the documents needed for the Friday, March 23rd meeting.

A: (DRAFT) Agenda March 23, 2018
B: 10-13-2017  CFA Meeting Minutes
C: DRAFT-Audit 12-31-2017- Conf. Finance and Administrative Services​
D: LAC-Internal Financial Statements 12-31-2017
E: 12-31-2017 - Apportionment Arrearages
F: Annual Conference Event Expenses 2017-2016-2015-2014
H: CBOPHB-Internal Financial Statements 12-31-2017
I: 12-31-2017 Benefits Balances Arrearages
J: Board of Trustees Report
K: 2018 Distributions of UMF accounts
L: 12-31-17 and 02-28-2018 - Investment by type
M: UMFLa -12-31-2017 Results
N: UMFLa-Investment Policy Stmt-v. 11-2016
O: Proposed - LACUMC Investment Policy Statement
P: Proposed 2019 Budget ​
Q: 2018 CFA Reports for Pre-Conference
R: CFA Special report-Statistical Reporting​

October 13th Meeting

Below, you will find links to the documents needed for the Friday, October 13th meeting. 

A: Meeting Minutes
B: Louisiana Conference Financial Statements
C: Apportionment Payouts, Less than 60%
D: Board of Benefits Financial Statements
E: Benefits Arrearages 
F: Increments & Benefits
G: Annual Conference Event Expenses
H: Budget Pre-Conference Report
I: UMF Investments (by type)
J: 1Love Brick Campaign Proposal 
K: Episcopal Residence Expense 

The Administrative Ministries Office of the Louisiana Annual Conference is responsible for working with the Council on Finance and Administration; local church Treasurers, Finance Chairs and Finance Committees; the Bishop and District Superintendents; and the various committees, boards, commissions and tasks forces of the Annual Conference and the general church to provide the assistance and resources necessary to provide sound financial practices and financial resources required for ministry on a long term basis.
In doing this work, we are guided by the core values of the Louisiana Annual Conference:  integrity, accountability, an unrelenting love for all people, courage and risk, and holding nothing sacred but the mission.
Sandy O’Brien
Executive Director of Administrative Services