The Hidden Self

September 10, 2014

Reblogged from: Midweek Manna

A few weeks ago I mentioned the annoying sounds in our life of sin. I told the story of the smoke alarm constantly buzzing. I tried to fix where I thought the noise was coming from. As Paul Harvey used to say, "Here's the rest of the story"....Wrong smoke alarm. Duh.

I kept changing the battery on the smoke alarm in the kitchen as it gets the most workout when Mandy cooks! Now let me be clear, she is not a bad cook. I think the location of the alarm has alot to do with it going off. So anyway, I am taking the alarm down, changing the batteries, and checking it again and again. About to lose what little patience I have. Then Mandy says, "It's the alarm up on the staircase."

So sometimes the annoying sounds of our life---sin--can come from places that we forget to look. We know they are there but rarely do we go there. It is that "hidden self". The prophet, Nathan, helped David confront the "hidden self." David thought that his little shindig with Bathsheba (did he call her "Bathy" for short?) was well hidden from everyone. But it wasn't. Ever how good he looked on the outside did not make up for the inside story. Isn't it interesting that when David was chosen the prophet, Samuel, was told to look at the inside? When David had all the power, the inside was consumed.

What about you? Yes! You! The one you look at in the mirror. The one you spend so much time grooming for public consumption. What's on the inside? Do you hear that annoying sound of sin or have you simply covered it with the makeup of the world? One of my friends put it this way. I used to think that most of the problems were in the people I met. Then I realized that the problem came when I showed up!! I found I could not escape ME!

It is also significant to me that I had to have Mandy point out the origin of my annoying sounds. She does that pretty regular with gentleness and love. Now I must admit that sometimes I really do not like her observations. But I would have continued to be annoyed and look at the wrong place.

We all need the Nathans in our life that will confront us. The confrontation is not about destroying us but inviting us to redemption. With no confession of sin, there can be little or no redemption.

So the annoying sounds in the house have been silenced for now. But I am sure they will return. I will be sure and look upstairs first!!!