Dropbox, VBS, and Our Spiritual Health

August 28, 2014

Reblogged from:  More Grist for the Mill

One of the greatest productivity tools I have used over the past few years has been Dropbox, a company that provides storage ‘in the cloud’ for pretty much any kind of data that might reside in your digital life. Especially moving between my laptop, iPhone, and iPad, as well as using devices in other places as I travel or work in a different office or on a different computer.

The absolute convenience of knowing that my data is with me wherever I go is great, as is the ability to share important things with people through a simple link.

What’s any of this got to do with our spiritual health and VBS?

Well, one of the main things we teach the children is that Jesus is EVERYWHERE we go. Along with this, we teach that the Holy Spirit is there to guide us everywhere we go. We also talk about how God is everywhere.

What you and I must wrestle with is do we order our lives in such a way to see that Jesus is with us always? Do we ‘take advantage of (for lack of a better term)’ of the Holy Spirit’s eternal presence to guide us in every way? Do we look for God in everything?

The thing about Dropbox is I can store all the data I care to in the cloud – but do I really take advantage of it’s convenience? I may be able to use my phone, tablet, and laptop to access that data – but if I never do, then what’s the point?

How many of us feel overwhelmed all the time? How many times do we feel as if our souls are deserts devoid of the power and presence of God?

Then again, how in the world can we expect to be spiritually healthy if we never reach out to the only one who can refill and replenish our souls? How can we expect to have the love of God, the peace of Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit if we do not intentionally and faithfully reach out to the triune God through prayer, fasting, study, worship, fellowship, and so many other ways that allow us to not only know about but dwell in the presence of God?

We can talk about the omnipresent triune God until we are blue in the face…but what would it take for us to actually live as if God is with us everywhere, guiding each and every step?

Grace and Peace,