The Limit of My Imagination

July 23, 2014

Reblogged from: A Pastor's Thoughts

Scripture brought me
to the gate of Paradise,
and the mind, which is spiritual,
stood in amazement and wonder as it entered,
the intellect grew dizzy and weak
as the senses were no longer able
to contain its treasures –
so magnificent they were –
or to discern its savors
and find any comparison for its colors,
or take in its beauties
so as to describe them in words. 
                                                              —-St. Ephrem
Ephrem’s words speak volumes to me when I try to imagine what seeing God in all His splendor would be like. Such an event defies description. The words of scripture lead to the gate of paradise, but we stand there paralyzed by its glory. God is ever preparing us for the day that we will meet Him. When we begin to see or imagine God as He really is we quickly run out of words. As we ponder ourselves and our God in this world let us have great satisfaction that the best is yet to come.
Lord keep me near You as I seek to understand You in all Your glory. Keep my journey faithful and true. Amen