Embracing Sarcasm

May 21, 2014

Reblogged from: Todd Rossnagel

Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely
I’ve been meditating on the 4th verse of the 139th Psalm today.
As we Louisiana Methodists prepare for Annual Conference, our Bishop Cynthia Harvey has asked us to study this Psalm prior to our arrival in Shreveport.
I’ve decided to take one verse, one day at a time.
And today, it was a fascinating meditation. On many levels.
First, this verse presents a predestination versus free-will argument.
But, I tell ya what – I’ll leave that to the clergy folks. As I often say at work, that’s way above my pay grade.
But what’s more fascinating to me is reading that God knows what I’m about to say.
Before I say it.
If you know me, you know I’ve graduated from Sarcasm University – with honors.
If you don’t know me, ummm…I’m….sarcastic.
All the time.
But as we read in this verse, God knows I’m sarcastic and knows I’m about to be sarcastic.
This comforts me.
Often times we walk into churches and try to be something we are not.
Where did this come from?!?
Why do so many people, myself included at one time, think our churches are full of perfect people?
We need to embrace who we are – creations of God for God’s purpose and that includes me and my sarcasm.
Now don’t get me wrong.
My sarcasm can get away from me and tear people down. I know all too well how words can hurt, damage and even destroy.
But God knows we are about to say those negative things, right?
Yes He does.
But this is where I argue a true relationship with God can help us.
Notice scripture here says God knows we are about to say what we say. It doesn’t say God makes us say what we say.
(Wait. Did I just solve the predestination question? Who knows. Still above my pay grade.)
When we walk close with God and know He knows what we say when we say it, it makes the turning back to Him for forgiveness so much easier because we are turning to someone we know, someone we trust, someone we love.
My prayer is that everyone can get to a place where they are not only comfortable in who they are but also comfortable in knowing that God is right there beside them when they miss the mark.
After all, He knew before you knew.