April 02, 2014

Reblogged from: Searchingforthinplaces

During part of my education and training for something, I was required to watch these motivational videos by this photographer. He shot stunningly beautiful images. And the entire purpose was to glean a few bits of insight from his work, to apply to our work in uniquely different environments. For example, no one in the training was going to be a photographer.

But the one thing that I carried away with me was his statement to always look back. Look behind you. We don’t live in a culture that supports that; everything is about looking ahead. Look to the horizon. But this guy was saying that behind you is something that is not to be missed. It is not necessarily that you overlooked it, whatever it is may not have been there. The world is constantly changing, demanding that we look back. I have tried to include this in my search for thin places. Whenever I am struck by a moment that is so powerful, I know I have to capture it, the second thing I do is look behind me. Whatever holy lies before me, also surrounds me, and that includes behind me.