LAVIM medical mission to Thailand: Tuesday: cultural experience day aka once in a lifetime day

March 26, 2014


God has blessed us beyond belief.

Our day started out with a trip to a local elephant camp in the mountains. At the camp we got up close and personal with the giant stars of the camp. We got hugs and kisses and even watched them bathe. The elephants put on an amazing show and even painted pictures that I would not have believed unless I had seen it myself. Following the show we paired up and went for a ride around the mountain and through the camp. It was amazing.


We had lunch afterwards and roamed through a flower and butterfly garden. The friend bananas were pretty good.

Somehow we ended up on the topic of tigers and decided to get up close and personal. We literally had the tiger by the tail.
After erg the great tiger adventure we hiked to a waterfall. I wish we had counted the stairs that we had to climb. We even had the doc climbing the falls for a better look.
It was an absolutely amazing day. God had a plan for us and it exceeded everything we could have imagined. God is good!