What Can I Do?

November 05, 2013

What Can I Do?

We can give money, we can pray and we can even weep with those who are weeping. There are many of us want to put our hands on something that makes us part of the solution but that is not possible for the great majority of us.

English: First Responders from St. John Ambula...

Missional people are committed to applying the teachings of Christ to all situations, no matter how tragic. As we watch the news each day, and are saddened more by the seemingly hopeless plight of so many people who are caught in difficult situations all around us. The first responders to shootings, and natural disasters are an inspiration to us. As people of faith, we are called to prayer.


I offer this prayer:

Lord you created the earth with all it dynamics. We sometimes question the reasons for suffering and pain. We even blame you and call you a harsh and vengeful God but when we see your power manifested in natural disasters we are reminded of your greatness. Lord allow us to learn to treasure our days as we watch the unfolding of this horror. Let us learn from the spirit of the first responders who risk their lives to save others. In all this help us to count our days and offer them to the service of the world. Amen