Church Starts Ministry builds on existing foundation

October 21, 2013

During the 2013 Annual Conference Laity Session, the Conference Board of Laity voted to rename and shift our emphasis from the Bob Lay 1000 Club to the Church Starts Ministry program.

Church Starts Ministry is dedicated to the goal of assisting the Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in: planting and constructing new churches; restarting, relocating, and renovating existing churches; and in assisting existing churches in building repairs and construction. The complete policy/guidelines may be obtained on the web page, Ministries, Laity, Church Starts Ministry.

Church Starts Ministry is a second mile giving opportunity directed by the Conference Board of Laity. The ministry’s director is Eloise Cox whose contact information is (318) 992-5932, home; (318) 758- 2384, cell;

Cox will head the appropriations committee composed of the District CSM chairpersons, Conference Board of Laity Treasurer, and the Conference Director of Development and Transformation. Promotion materials will be available by January 2014.

The dissolution of the Bob Lay 1000 Club funds will be distributed after the fall meeting of the Conference Board of Laity. Funds will be distributed to The Well, Faith Crossing and New Song, the last three new churches starts the Bob Lay 1000 Club committed funds for. If you would like additional information on the dissolution of conference and/or district 1000 club funds, please contact Carolyn Dove, Conference Board of Laity Chairperson at or (318) 590-2989.

Please join in this giving opportunity to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

Carolyn Dove, Chairperson
Louisiana Annual Conference Board of Laity