Productivity on Sunday will set you up for a great Monday.

June 24, 2013

Productivity on Sunday will set you up for a great Monday.

Do you struggle with productivity? I have battled it my whole life. Around 6 months ago I started a short time of focus on Sunday evening. Throughout the weekend I would jot down things I knew needed to happen the next week. When things had settled down on Sunday, usually after dinner, I take an hour to get ready for the next week.

Here are my tips for the things you should take just a some time for on Sunday. It will make your week go better. For anyone who has a pretty hectic vocation, requiring frequent scheduling shifts, the better you plan the better you will be able to jump back on track when things get wild. Remember, if you don’t plan your life…someone else will.

I focus on two main productivity areas to set my week up best.  Phase 1 is collection and phase 2 is focus. Productivity on Sunday will set you up for a great Monday.


1. Collect all of your to-do’s. I try to organize mine by day to put similar tasks together. I try to respond and ask on Mondays, organize things on Tuesdays and plan on Wednesdays. Thursdays are used for teaching prep. I do my best to not make Thursday a big task day.

2. Note your must-do’s. What task(s) absolutely need your attention this next week? What are the things only you can do? What tasks do you need to accomplish in order for others to get their work done? I try to make lists of these items and get them written down. Sometimes these big tasks will end up generating some more “to-do’s”. Add them in the appropriate place. I usually only have 2 of these must-do’s a week. These are the tasks I want to devote 30% of my weekly energy towards. Besides preparing for sermons my must-do’s are the most important thing of my week. I spend some time on Monday morning really getting my intended schedule for the week down. Sunday is when I get everything collected and ready to go. It isn’t in my brain any longer. Find the best way for you to permanently note all this down and do it.


This is the time where I like to go over the goals I have and do some long range examination and planning. I highly recommend MIchael Hyatt’s book “Creating Your Personal Life Plan“. You can get it for free from his website by signing up for his email list. Do it. It will be life changing.

I now take around 20 minutes to go over my long term goals and focuses. I grade how well I was able to keep pushing forward the previous week. I amend and adapt my goals and personal expectations. I pray through my own goals and ask the Holy Spirit for clarity.

I want to give you some Lagniappe as well.

The best way to finish all this is a time of prayer. Round your time up to an hour and pray for those around you. Pray for those you are doing work for and with. Pray for a better sense of the personal ministry and vision God has given you. Seek holiness and humility. Take the time to center yourself around Christ for the week. Are you ready for a great Monday? You will be. - See more at: