The Easiest Way to Preach Better Sermons

June 24, 2013

The Easiest Way to Preach Better Sermons

During my seminary education I was able to learn the theology of preaching from great professors. I studied under wonderful scholars who could keep a congregation at attention when they preached. I worked with several excellent pastors and learned the craft preaching from them as well. I appreciate their example and education. I wanted to do better for myself and for the places God had placed me in. I wanted to preach better sermons. 2 years ago I moved back into the local church and begun preaching weekly for the first time. While I had always been a good “single shot” preacher, stepping in for a specific sermon or weekend, I had to learn what it meant to routinely preach to the same group of people. In my search to get better I discovered The Rocket Company and one of their coaching products Preaching Rocket. I have been part of it for 3 months now and I love it.

If you want to learn, get better or begin preaching to modern crowds there is no better way than to invest in Preaching Rocket. Here are 3 things I have benefited the most from:

1. Discerning 1 clear idea for my teachings: Like many other folks growing up in church I was used to a 3 part sermon. The issue is the 3 part sermon gives to much information for people to process. As I was growing towards my understanding of the theology of preaching I begun to move away from an information based approach. I think one of the major movements of the Church in the last 50 years or so has been giving people more information about God rather than talking about the character and works of God. The problem is our modern culture has shifted from a head based focus to a heart based focus. People want their emotions to be tugged and challenged. Information is just one tool you have in your toolbox. Preaching Rocket and their idea of “the bottom line” promotes the idea of one very clear point. It is done with purpose and for clear communication. Everything is focused around supporting the bottom line.

2. Preaching towards response. Jumping off from the first point, if we are presenting the message of Christ, we should always be calling people towards a distinct response. De-cluttering sermons helps best promote the intended response. What to do isn’t up in the air anymore. When you understand your response from the beginning you have yet another focus as you are preparing your messages.

3. It revolutionized preparation and study. I have always been pretty disciplined when it came to preparation. I had my list of things I would always do. The issue was how to bring them all together at the middle of the week. Part of Preaching Rocket coaching is a daily method to help you always be organizing your messages towards the bottom line and intended response.

What was once threatening is now pretty simple. It isn’t me trying to collect tons of information and cram it all into 20 minutes. Now my week looks like intentional work, specific gathering and crafting. I can have multiple messages in the cooker at the same time. I simply put my most beneficial practices into the rhythm Preaching Rocket teaches and have a much more organized and efficient writing and preparing process.

If you speak in any sort of manner, not just preaching, this coaching will be super beneficial for you. The crew at The Rocket Company is highly trained and has tremendous experience at some of the best churches in North America (you can get some great free resources here). They offer great freebies to help you get your feet wet. Check them out. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments! - See more at: