Signs of Spring

April 15, 2013

All you have to do is look outside and see the azaleas in full bloom, the trees budding and know that Spring is in the air. At our home in Houston, we had a very old tree. We nursed and babied that tree each year in hopes that it had another year of budding left in it. Each year we would look at the old, leafless, brittle tree and wonder if it would once again provide the much needed shade for our sunroom. That tree somehow found within itself new life year after year.

I am wondering about that tree today. Will it provide the new family living in that home the much needed shade for the sunroom. Will they nurse and baby that tree like we did? I am reminded of the Easter story. Year after year, the story doesn’t change yet we wait upon it with great anticipation and maybe even worry. Will the tomb be empty again this year? Will Jesus appear to the disciples on the road to Emmaus again? The tomb is in fact still empty and in fact what you and I know is that Jesus is alive and well. While we have not seen him, touched his hands or his side we have in fact seen him with every part of our being. We have seen him in the laughter of children. We have seen him when the hungry have been fed. We have seen him in the faces and places around us. We have not just seen but we have experienced the living God! Now, it is our call to go and tell others what we have seen with every part of our being. It is our call to BE the gospel that others might know and see. Go. Tell. Be.

P.S. I think I will call my neighbor and ask about our beloved tree.

In Christ,

Cynthia Fierro Harvey