Week 7 " Devotional 3

March 27, 2013

Week 7 – Devotional 3

As I reflect on this Lenten journey, I think back to my starting point, my beginning. As I went through each week I see self-growth, awareness, and an unexpected awakening. This awakening culminates with the realization of how much Jesus has prepared me for this tough life. We went through the I Am’s and that Jesus is the Vine, and we see how Jesus has created a strong link for us to get to God through him, especially when things are hard.

A few years ago I was fortunate to hear a well-respected speaker discuss how he would win high school debates. He said his delivery and tactic won the battles, but his preparation won the debate. Very often I find myself focusing on the delivery in life. I get caught up on the thought of how to respond to the day-to-day task, the day-to-day distractions. It seems so easy sometimes, to let my emotion take the best of me, to respond to the distractions, to start thinking of my reaction to the many stimuli of life. But if we get caught up in only our responses, we develop blinders. And as I write this, I can envision my hands on either side of my eyes blocking my peripheral vision. It’s only when I remove my hands that I realize how much of my vision was blocked, and how much more there is to see.

Jesus has given us the tools to prepare for the daily trails in life, to prevent us from putting up our blinders. He has told us who he is and given us the path to follow through him. This journey has given me a realization that the vision I have without Jesus is a blocked vision; blocked from the joy and happiness that God surrounds me with. My awakening is the realization that Jesus has given us all the tools we need to be prepared for the struggles in life. That we can think between the stimulus and response. And that He will lead us to see the world clearly.