Devotional 1 " Week 7

March 25, 2013

Devotional 1 – Week 7

Nick and I participated in RootedBR last year, meeting in the house of one of our associate pastors with group members from our church. We did not know everyone very well at the beginning of the journey, but we had at least seen their faces in passing. Nonetheless, Rooted provided us the opportunity to get to know each other more deeply and have richer conversations than we would have been allowed otherwise. And, that, along with the connection to the Lenten principles was what made us want to participate another year.

This year, we would step up our participation and host a group of our own. We met with the leaders months prior to Lent, and talked about the successes from last year, as well as the things we might like to be seen done differently. We made lists of what we wanted our own group to accomplish, and we set out recruiting people to join our group. Many from our group were people that we knew – from our church or from our Sunday school class. But, as Rooted went on, we added new faces to our group – those we had never met, those we knew from non-church-related circles, those of different faiths. And, it has been this diversity that has made the experience so wonderful for us.

We are no longer a group of people from First United Methodist; we are not even a group of just United Methodists. We are a group of people from different churches and denominations, a group where people feel comfortable bringing friends. We have frank discussions and talk about things that we differ on in a respectful way.

We have a dialogue. A dialogue where everyone’s voice can be heard. A dialogue that is richer because we are not all the same. A dialogue that is made better because we represent different groups, different personalities, different backgrounds.

It is our hope that Rooted expands, and continues to be a study where people can come from different churches, denominations and parts of the city and state, and join in an open dialogue with one another. It is our hope that people always see Rooted as a place where they belong. Let us endeavor to make this so.