A New Year, A New Challenge

February 13, 2013

A New Year, A New Challenge

Welcome to the Rooted Louisiana website–your portal for all things online community during Lent. This is our second year to gather people together across the corners of the Greater Baton Rouge area, and this time around the outreach has expanded to the corners of the state! Yes, we have three areas of the state–Shreveport/Bossier, Alexandria, and BR–that are collaborating and working together in an effort to revitalize our churches and the communities in which we serve.

This movement isn’t a new thing–it is a reclaimed and repurposed way of living out a life of prayer, accountability, and building community in the Wesleyan (Methodist) tradition. All over the state, there will be men and women meeting in coffeeshops and homes learning from the scriptures through online video, living in covenant, coming together in mission to their communities, and celebrating life together over the next six weeks until Easter.

Want to get involved? Here’s how:

Prayer. Join the voices of many across the state, young and young at heart, that are praying for this effort. Last year, we felt those prayers. That power and presence helped us to carry through with a meaningful experience for those involved, and then receive wisdom about where to take this for future years. Pray for passion, perspective, openness, and willingness to receive all that God will bring to us during this experience. Pray also that we will be a blessing in leadership and service out of this time together to our families, churches, and mission fields by virtue of this experience.

Stay Engaged. If you are watching our work from a place that does not have a group meeting in your area, there is always the opportunity to comment and have conversation over our online forum. PLEASE use it–that’s why we chose a format that would break down the barriers of geography for us to connect, share ideas, and be of one mind as we move through Lent. Also, you are encouraged to subscribe to this website by inputing your email on the right column of the screen to get daily updates of Kingdom stories, videos, and upcoming events.

Make an invitation. There may be a young adult (18-40ish) that might need an experience just like this one to reconnect with a community of faith. Muster up the courage to send this website to that person, or direct us in how to contact him or her. Believe that your initiation and invitation can truly make a difference in the life of another person.

Join a Group. If you would like to explore the process of how to become a part of a group, please visit our “Getting Involved” and “Our Partners” pages. Information is listed to help you find your closest group meeting. If you would like to start your own group, contact us at rootedbr@gmail.com and we can get you started.

It’s all beginning Wednesday, February 13th. Looking forward to sharing this special time with you!