On the Journey: A Word of Hope

December 18, 2012

As I have pondered the events of last week I have had few words. I have processed, I have watched the news and mostly I have prayed fervently for the families impacted by the great tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. I still have few words, but one keeps making its way to my prayers and to my heart and that is HOPE.

I was reminded by a friend this week that Jesus was born in darkness. It was the shepherds watching their flocks at night (darkness); it was the wise men, presumably in darkness, that followed the star. It was Mary and Joseph who needed a place to stay for the night (darkness). Jesus was born to a world in darkness to bring light--HOPE! In fact, still today Jesus, Emmanuel, comes to us in darkness to a world where the possibility of hope seems so difficult to see. I pray that God will indeed guide our feet that we might even be able to utter the word hope and see, and even more importantly experience hope in a world that seems to have gone terribly wrong. We are people of hope. We are children of the light. We are children of the Prince of Peace.
As we light the Christ candle on Christmas Eve, may it have even greater significance to you personally and to our world. Jesus is the light of the world. Hope is born this day. 
O Come, O Come Emmanuel.
In Christ,

Cynthia Fierro Harvey