What I am learning about faith from keeping my email inbox at zero

August 27, 2012

What I am learning about faith from keeping my email inbox at zero

A few weeks ago I got my inbox to ZERO. This has never been done in my life. Gmail really hurt a few years ago because I learned with so much space I could just keep a giant inbox. It would occasionally get to several hundred (most of them read) and I would just search for the email.

But that gets sloppy.

So I filed what was important, printed out a few things, archived what I knew I needed to keep available and deleted. I love it. Over the last couple weeks, certain emails would dwindle. They would live in a rested state in my inbox. I had a good reason, but I broke my new found freedom of inbox zero.

In our faith life, we have inbox zero. We aren't cluttered with the things of our past life in relationship to God. The redemption of Christ has cleared that up for us. Yes, they are part of our story...but they are archived, no longer present. Past is not present.

But we have to be intentional about this. We might need to pull something out of our archives...good or bad. But it has a permanent place away from our daily eyes.

Today I intentionally cleared a two emails out and put them right where they need to go. My new email state is clear and ready for the future, not dwelling on the past. It takes effort to be proactive about this. In all our actions as Christians, we need to learn to be in this state. Where my previous inbox of 385 emails was very lazy and non intentional, this new state is proactive and done with purpose.

Friends-clear out those inboxes and live in a state of readiness for the future. It's easier