Piece of pottery in my heart

August 01, 2012

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To avoid picking up every rock on the island and attempting to bring it home (the lady in the post office will not let us mail rocks home), I have switched to pieces of sea pottery and sea glass. They are light weight, and much easier to pack. Although I will admit that there is a limit to how much of them you can put in your trouser pocket before the weight pulls it down. I have decided to use them to make a cross for my wall of crosses in my entry way. (I did want to find a piece of driftwood to use at the base, but that may be another post).

One of my roommates and dear friend was also collecting sea glass and pottery (sea pottery washed by the sea like glass, but it is shards of crockery). She was collecting some for a family member who was making jewelry out of them. And while it never escalated to a competition, it was fun to compare different pieces. She ran into a bit of a dilemma has she tried to pack yesterday, and was running out of suitcase room. Ultimately some of the less attractive pieces were left behind.

But for her leaving celebration she shared with us her pieces, and noted how they were all broken, yet beautiful. Just like us. How they were all destined for different purposes, still useful, although none of them whole. Some were going to become ornaments, some jewelry, some reminders, but all had a new purpose completely different from the original intent.

How different are you from what you suspected might have been your original purpose?

That could be a thin place.