Searching for thin places, Hosting leadership

July 23, 2012

Hosting leadership

In this morning's Sunday sermon the presenter suggested that we no longer lived in a world that needed heroic leaders.  We have entered a time where we need hosting leaders.  Heroic leaders have plans and initiatives that focus on what they and those like them believe and don't generate a movement, but further an institution.  It doesn't matter which side of the platform you come down on, right or left, conservative or moderate, as a hero leader you are going to champion only the cause that you are the hero for.  The presenter noted that in almost all recent incidents, in Europe and the U.S., where a HERO has been elected or put into office to 'save the day' it has not been so.

      The suggestion offered was that we needed hosting leadership, a leader(s) that can genuinely build consensus among the governing bodies to move in a direction that serves the largest group of the population to the detriment of the least numbers of the population.  I don't generally pay attention to the status of government, but all I could think was it would be great if we could just start with the church. What if the church could agree to have hosting leadership?  What if we could agree to do those things that we were commanded to do, and serve the largest group of the populace while causing limited detriment to others that we called Christian?  Maybe if we could get that right, the world might pay closer attention to us, and what we should be doing.  What if we could agree to start hosting leadership with those that attended our congregation, and those that our congregation serves?

Willing to believe, that would be a thin place.