Searching for thin places, When the time comes to move on, God is in the next place

July 22, 2012

When the time comes to move on, God is in the next place

Are you good at moving on?  I appear to be good at moving on, but appearances can be deceptive.  I get very comfortable, and even when I know that I should move on, I don't.  At least, not until I get a significant nudge from God.  There have been some very critical and crucial moments, when I knew that I needed to take the next step, but fear, occasionally, and comfort more often, have kept in rooted in place.  I have even been miserable, but unmoving.  God whispers in that still, small voice, and I sort of answer, "really, but it is so nice here."  "Or I am not sure exactly what you are asking God, so I will stay here until you are a bit clearer."  And God, in that way that God has to frequently do with me, gently but firmly pulls the rug out from under me and I am moved.

      And always, God is already where I am going, and God has stuff there for me, and I am bewildered at what in the world I was hesitating for.  So this time when the decision was made for me to move on, I simply leaned into it.  I did not struggle or hesitate, but said "great, what is it I am to do?"  And while I have little glimmers of what may lie ahead, I do have a clear picture of what I should avoid ahead.  The unfortunate part is that the things I should avoid are traps of the known routine that I can easily fall into, and the glimmers are a bit more unknown.

      But there this a thin place ahead and God is already there.