Searching for thin places, Those without access to education

July 21, 2012

Those without access to education

 We have morning worship each day at 9 a.m. and I almost always go. It is my favorite service. It is short, a couple of hymns (last week we sang one by one of my seminary professors), a scripture reading and prayers.  The closing responses do not end with an Amen, but literally take us into our work day. The morning prayers are wonderful because we name specific countries, specific conditions and problems, specific affiliates and associates of the community and end with specific community members.  Last week one of the leaders prayed specifically for those without access to education and training.

      And that really touched me.  As a teacher in a community college, I have many students who are on the margins of not having access to education. They are there because of governmental and private financial aid programs.  Many probably are surprised to find themselves in a position of getting an education.  But still because of the country they live in they do have access to education.  When I think about Mexico, India and Cambodia, all countries that I have visited, and I recall that in each place the burning desire of the people is to get an education. And there is little access.  In Mexico, the churches I have worked have begun kindergartens to start the education of the young.  The children at the baby fold in India all attend school, and have their educations mapped out for them so as to become self sustaining.

      Early Sunday school programs were literally educational programs for adults and children to learn to read and write.  You can't read the Bible if you can't read!  What are we doing as a church to make sure that adults and children in our communities, in our cities and our world have access to education?

      This needs to be a thin place.