Searching for thin places, Start here. Go everywhere

July 20, 2012

Start here. Go everywhere

This was actually on the back of a colleagues t-shirt and it is a slogan from a college organization. And what a cool slogan it is. It could actually have been the marketing strategy of Jesus, when he was calling all the disciples. It has a little more zip than "come, follow me." Start here with me in Galilee, and see where this could take you.
I fully believe that Jesus intended the message of Love God and Love your neighbor to go everywhere. Start here, where you are and do work at these two things. Then continue, just as Jesus said, Jerusalem, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. Literally, go everywhere. And I believe that means different things to and for different people. Really, we all can't just go, because then we would all be there or where ever. But I do think that God intends that we all must make certain that someone goes, however, and whatever our role is in making certain that happens. And I fully believe that both, here and everywhere are equally important.

All of us as disciples are also missionaries. The disciple part is what prepares us for our missionary work. And we all have to do the disciple work. That is worship, Bible study, learning more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how that may be best achieved. But we must do the missionary part also. Essentially anytime we are out in the world, where ever that may be, then that is our mission field. It may look just like home, or it may not.

So prepare yourself, mission field ahead. Start here -- go everywhere