Searching for thin places, Love that has been looking for us

July 19, 2012

Love that has been looking for us

This was a line from a song that we sang in worship the other night. God's loves us so much that God is looking for us. Think about the world that we live in and how many people, maybe even ourselves, are tangled up in this search for love. And the love of God is looking for us.

We have just had some really amazing female preadolescents as guests this week. They were all wiggly and giggly and developed little "crushes" on the young adult male staff members (who found it very embarrassing). They put enormous effort into trying to draw attention to themselves, when there was clearly no point. And I can see it in some of the young adults I deal with, desperate to have someone to cling to, only to be crushed with rejection or sometimes worse. And I have to accept my own shortcomings here; all too often it is easy to jump to conclusions from a gesture that was merely kind, not necessarily loving.

How can I as someone who gets to spend a lot of time with young people help them realize the value that God places upon them? And they don't need to look for that love; they just need to stretch out their hand. And for myself and others, how can we become more aware that our lives are effected/affected by the love of God, which searches for us relentlessly.

It could become a thin place.