outside is better, Sermon Planning Help Sheet

July 17, 2012

Sermon Planning Help Sheet

On instagram (chadbrooks) I sometimes post pictures of my study spaces. Go ahead and call me a nerd. I don't care.

Some of my Pastor friends have asked about my preparation process, especially a sheet they see pop up in these pictures. I have been promising to blog on the sheet and I now is the time (since I have been promising for several months).

My planning sheet was based off of areas I found myself taking notes on the most. I use it to get some rough ideas down for the sermon, note interesting words, key themes or ideas and then start building some narrative shape to the sermon.

I created the sheet in Apple Pages, but I imagine you could easily do it in other word processing programs. I did a few stylistic things, just to make it easier on the eyes since I spend hours looking at one of these every week.

I try to preach using a conversational and sometimes non-linear style. This has developed over several years of regular preaching at different churches. I find tools like this help me keep things in the middle and most organized for the actual preaching.

I am currently working on v.3, because I have already found a few things I would like to change about it. I expect this to be a somewhat fluid tool.

If you were to make a sheet like this what areas would you try to include?

If you want to download a .pdf, you can find one on my scribd page here.