Searching for thin places, Picking up a strangers instrument and playing it

July 16, 2012

Picking up a strangers instrument and playing it

Each week the guests have there own concert, and display their talents, to whatever extent or type that may be. I have heard a song sung by a group of Lutherans from Minnesota (very Garrison Keiller like), a song sung by a group from Glasgow (very few people understood them), storytelling from a youth from the U.S. and storytelling from a Scots adult using his I pad, and those with a variety of musical instruments. Of particular note was a young woman who is a flutist of merit, but did not bring her instrument with her. The group of musicians in residence here were able to find a flute and she did play both in the concert and during worship. And it was dazzling. Now most musicians will tell you, it is no small thing to pick up a strangers instrument and perform with it.

How often are we asked to do something with less than we would expect and do it with grumbling and resentment? What if we approached it the way this young woman did, with vigor and gusto and enchanted us all with the beauty of the song?


This was a thin place.