Searching for thin places, Series not of my own design

July 15, 2012

Series not of my own design

I have become known in my Iona community as the person who is bound to make you laugh, is bound to get the job done, who will take images of everything and who makes notes in my little green book. One of my roommates says that she has taken to not remembering anything, but simply asks me to look in my book. Now some of what I write in my book is notes about who will be our new guests, who our new member in residence will be, and what events taking place in the next week are ones that I am likely to attend. Other things that I write in my notebook are ideas and concepts that occur to me or things that I hear which strike my fancy enough for me to write about them. For the next several days I will write about phrases that have occurred throughout the past few weeks which have really struck a chord with me. They may be random phrases I have overheard, or a sentence from a conversation, or something from worship or even something that was on someone's shirt. Join me over the next several days to find out where these places become thin.