Searching for thin places, The confidence of boots

July 10, 2012

The confidence of boots

 Each week guests are given instructions about the two pilgrimages offered by the community; the on road and the off road. The on road is as you would expect on fairly well paved road or track. The off road is as you would expect a bit more complex. Guests are advised to wear boots, with good grip and ankle support for going on the off road pilgrimage. Boots. As staff we are advised that boots may be the best thing for us also. In the kitchen or housekeeping given the nature of your tasks it is really unsafe to be working in flip flops or sandals. Again, boots. Last week we had some very pretty days and most of us pulled out those summery type shoes and walked around. However, they are not good for climbing on rock or in general walking around as the ground is a bit rugged. So on a beautiful summers day, I found myself on the beach in my sandally shoes, and attempting to climb on some of the rocks. Not a good plan. Clearly something could easily slip or snap. (not entirely sure to what degree I should be bouncing around on rocks).

But that is just the thing, there is a certain confidence that you get from wearing your boots. Doning your boots in the morning gives you a sense of being able to face the day -- there is literally nothing that you cannot accomplish while wearing your boots. My boots were a Christmas gift from my brother, along with a couple of pairs of really good socks,so they have that sentimentally value associated with them. I treated them with this waterproofing agent I found at home (also waterproofed a ballcap), and they are pretty impermeable (lots of rain and literally standing in the sea). Now they are not good for quietly escaping your room in the morning, because there is a certain foot stomp that naturally seems to go with boots. And they don't really make ANY sort of fashion statement, except that you are wearing sensible boots.

and you are confident.