Searching for thin places, Spirituality for me

July 09, 2012

Spirituality for me

 I was asked to help a young man who was leading worship the other evening. I purposely don't volunteer to lead worship because as clergy that is something that I often get to do. But I do assist if asked, and I am honored to do so. The question I was asked to respond to during worship was "what does spirituality mean for you?" (And I should warn you there are no easy questions here on Iona, everything seems to be a deeply reflective theological question.) So it was no small thing to ponder the question, and even a greater thing to share those ponderings in worship.

Initially, I put spirituality into the box of finding out where those places were that God was, and perhaps even discerning what God might be up to in those places. Those would be the thin places that I am metaphorically (and literally) searching for. I suppose that my search was to discover what is or may be the distinctive nature of those places where the veil is thin between heaven and earth. But the passage of time has altered my search from what makes a place "thin" to what could we do or I do to make a place become more thin. Spiritually has become a search for my role in making a place become more of a thin place where others can seek and find God.

Won't you come along and create thin places.