Annual Conference Petitions

Our United Methodist Church is based on democratic principles.  Persons who have concerns about what our Church does, and/or how we do it, may work for change through the legislative process of the Louisiana Annual Conference.

Any individual member or a duly elected body of a local church or a district of the Louisiana Annual Conference may petition the Louisiana Conference Session that will meet June 9-12, 2019.  Each petition will be assigned to a board, committee or commission for consideration. 

If you would prefer sending a petition via mail, click here for the instructions

The assigned group will discuss the issues related to the petition and recommend a course of action; i.e., agree with the petition (concur); amend the petition; or not agree with the petition (non-concur).  The petition will then be brought before the body of the Conference with that group’s recommendation.

If you, your church or organization wish to write a petition, the following may be helpful:

  • Briefly write your concern or the course of action you wish the Conference to take
  • Write the reason (s) you feel your concern is important, then:
  • Develop a formal petition using the online format.  The format includes a title, the name of the person submitting the petition, the statement of concern, the proposed solution, and the method of implementation. Petitions will be displayed on the screens at the Annual Conference session during consideration of said petitions. Copies will also be available in the Conference Office at the venue for those who wish to have a paper copy.

Petitions that are written thoughtfully and carefully received closer attention. 

They are easier to read and to facilitate.

Petitions that HAVE financial implications must be received by, Thursday, April 11, 2019 and petitions that have NO financial implications must be received by Friday, April 26, 2019; this is not an arbitrary date but is required by Conference rules.  Each person or organization submitting a petition must supply 200 copies on the opening day of Annual Conference.  These may be brought to the office located at the venue.

For clarity, the following is excerpted from Article I Section G of our Conference Rules:

Any petition (a document requesting that the Louisiana Conference approve and petition the General Conference regarding an issue related to the worldwide United Methodist Church) or resolution (document submitted to the Louisiana Conference that seeks to alter, amend or change the standing Conference rules or express an opinion or intent of the Conference on a specific issue or subject) proposed by an individual member or a duly elected body of the local church or a district, shall first be presented to the Committee on Petitions… Any petition or resolution that requires a vote of the Annual Conference must be submitted in writing according to the established guidelines of the Committee on Petitions and Resolutions as found in Section F of the Conference Rules. (p380 2018 La Conference Journal)

If you would prefer sending a petition via mail, click here for the instructions