2023 Charge Conference Forms

Below are the 2023 Charge Conference forms. Please keep an eye out for communications from your district, which will provide you with information about the specific forms, schedules, instructions, and deadlines relevant to your district. If needed, each District Office has the option to request additional forms.

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A.  Minutes for 2023 Individual Charges Form

B.  Removal of Names from the Rolls of the Church

C.  Ministers' Emergency Fund

D.  2024 and 2023 Increments and Benefits

E.  2024 Compensation Form Instructions

           Click here to access the 2024 Benefits Calculator

F.  2024 Compensation Form

G.  Louisiana Conference Local Church Clergy Retirement Security Plan & UMPIP Plan Resolution

H.  Louisiana Conference Health Care Benefit Resolution

I.  Pastor's Report Form

J.  Certified Lay Servant Annual Report Form Fillable

K.  Lay Speaker Annual Report Form Fillable

L.  Certified Lay Minister Annual Report Form Fillable

M.  SPPR Committee Form

N.  Local Church Leadership On-Line Entry Instructions-2023

O. Parsonage Inspection Check List

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