2017 Statistical Review

The forms below are designed so that you can fill in the data on the computer.
You will need the latest version of Adobe PDF Reader in order to do so.
You also need to set Adobe Reader as your default application to open .pdf files.
Other applications will open the form however, you may not be able to fill in and/or save it.

Statistical Tables I, II, and III and the Table II Itemized Worksheet, as well as the Compensation Worksheets are to be entered online. You will access this system on the conference website [www.la-umc.org], on the image link (2017 Statistical Data Entry). Print a copy of each completed Statistical Table (I, II and III) and the Itemized Worksheet for Table II from the online data entry site just before submitting. Please select the two year comparison option. You can begin entering information on January 3, 2018, at 10 AM. The deadline for local churches to input the data online is 9 pm on January 12, 2018. The system will be locked after that time/date and you will not be able to access it. All required forms and information will be checked at the respective District locations. The dates of the check will be January 16-19. Times and places for checking will be announced through the District Offices. You will receive instructions from your district as to how and when the checking of your entries will occur and how you are to submit your forms. If you have questions: email tdoplh@la-umc.org. Include form & line numbers related to your questions, as well as a call back number. Please read all instructions before emailing. Also note, earlier is better! If you wait to the last minute I may not be available to answer your questions. Thanks for your attention to this important work.