2016 LAVIM Team Leader Training

LAVIM Leadership Team

Currently, a team of volunteers representing administrative functions and geographical mission areas runs our organization. All mission-minded volunteers are welcome to be a part of this group. Beginning in July 2016, there will be vacancies on the team, including the key roles of Coordinator and Treasurer. If you are interested in helping in any capacity, please let Brenda know at the contact information above or Diane Reich at diane845@gmail.com or 985-246-9593.

MISSION GRANTS: LAVIM had set aside funds again this year for Grants to Mission Teams. A few things to note:

1.     These grants will be for material support ONLY! We are not offering individual scholarships or paying for travel expenses.

2.     We will give preference to teams that are being led by a first-time trained team leader, serving at a location where LA teams have not previously served and/or purchases of supplies or equipment that can be used by future groups.

3.     The maximum grant available is $500 per mission.

Please submit your application at least 2 months prior to leaving on the mission. This way we have time to make decisions and get the money to your team before you leave. Apply online at http://www.la-umc.org/grantapplication