Hurricane Isaac Volunteer Response Team Registration

The last day of work for Isaac teams will be April 30 th.

Thank you for sharing your time and effort to assist Louisiana in its recovery from Hurricane Isaac. For all volunteers, the cost per person for five nights is $225. Shorter stays are possible at a cost of $45 a night. This includes orientation, housing, one meal per day, water and insurance coverage. We are requesting that teams bring funds to help with supplies and material needs in the rebuilding effort.  Any amount is appreciated.

If a group wants to work for the day only, there will be a charge of $30 to help with cost of materials.
We appreciate you signing up to serve as a member of a response team to Hurricane Isaac. You will receive location and housing information as soon as we have assigned you to a team or have assigned your team to a project. If you have questions, please email
When registering online please be sure to click on PAY NOW! tab at the top of the confirmation screen and make your payment through Paypal online. If you have already registered and have not payed through paypal yet please be sure to do so at least two weeks prior to your event. Checks may be sent to:
Louisiana Conference Office
     c/o Rhonda Whitley
     527 North Blvd
     Baton Rouge, LA 70802
For volunteers staying five nights, the cost per person of $225 covers the following:
Housing - $15 per night (includes a sack lunch per day)
Client Assistance (materials) - $100
Accidental Insurance - $4.25 ($0.85 per day)
Operations - $45.75
Housing facilities will have:
A “Welcome Packet” with emergency numbers, location of nearest hospital, locations of restaurants, etc.
Cots for sleeping (sleeping bags, linens, towels, pillows provided by volunteer)
Kitchen facilities including a refrigerator, oven, stove and storage for the team’s supplies
Showers (some located inside and some located outside in “shower shacks”)
Washers and dryers on-site (one facility has a laundromat nearby)
Volunteers are asked to provide their food for breakfast and supper by cooking or going out to eat.
We encourage each team to take one afternoon off to see the sights, to rest and recharge!
Please have each member of your team fill out the Skills Assessment Form and return it at least two weeks prior to your arrival date with your payment and insurance forms. We need the Skills Assessment Form in order to match your team with the appropriate project.
To download a form to mail in click here!

To register online click here!

To download the Accident Insurance Form click here!

  • Accidental Insurance is mandatory for each person on every team.
  •  Please note that the Accident Insurance Form must be filled out and mailed back in even if you register online prior to two weeks before your event. Please mail in forms to:
    New Song UMC
                    c/o Linda Kropenske
                    18465 Old Perkins Rd
                     Prairieville, LA 70769