Director of Congregational Transformation and New Church Development

April 04, 2017

The Louisiana Annual Conference is seeking to hire a Director of Congregational Transformation and New Church Development. 

This person will provide leadership and oversight to the ministry of engaging churches in intentional transformation and will also work on efforts to reach new people and to the ministry of developing and nurturing new faith communities.

This position is open to both lay or clergy.

As laid out in the job description, here are the essential functions of the job: 

  • Developing and coordinating a comprehensive process of evaluating, equipping, and coaching congregations in intentional and comprehensive transformation for the purpose of reaching new people.
  • Coordinating a process of identifying, evaluating, and training potential church planters to establish new faith communities and providing direct input to the Bishop and Cabinet on pastoral appointments in new-church settings.
  • Coordinating a process of identifying, evaluating, and training potential partner churches to reach new people by establishing new faith communities.
  • Assisting and consulting with the District Superintendents in identifying and evaluating opportunities for new faith communities and targeted congregational transformation
  • Coordinating the wise and strategic use of Conference resources and developing additional funding sources for new-church development and congregational transformation.
  • Providing ongoing training, support, and accountability for pastors appointed to start new faith communities.
  • Creating and maintaining in the Annual Conference a culture of churches creating new faith communities and an apostolic spirit of reaching new people through existing congregations
  • Providing strategic leadership to assure that congregations of the Louisiana Annual Conference are fruitful in reaching the diverse people living in their mission fields.

More on the job can be found here

Anyone wishing to apply, please contact Dr. Van Stinson

Contact: Van Stinson

Address: 527 North Blvd. Baton Rouge LA 70802

Phone: 225-346-1646